Career goal?

I am passionate about new technologies and everything related to networking and information security. Although now I perform people management functions, but I enjoy the technical side much more. I enjoy carrying out complex projects and learning new skills every day.

Who I am?

I am a skilled person in the field of Communications and IT Security. Bringing 12 years of experience in some of the major carriers and energy companies in Spain. I have a wide range of knowledge and personal experience that have made me grow as a professional.

What do I expect from my job?

I like to work in complex environments in which to develop myself as a better professional every day. I enjoy the implementation of new projects and the research for improvements and solutions, to apply them in large corporations. I always try to meet the underlying needs of each client business, besides proposing to make improvements whenever possible. I try to be proactive and decisive under any circumstance. I work perfectly under pressure or in critical environments.

How about my future?

I enjoy making new network designs and architectures, exploring new technologies and manufacturers proposals. I love to design and to integrate new projects into existing networks with minimal impact. I also enjoy imparting training and explaining to others how the new implementations work. Therefore, probably in the future I see myself doing work related with networking architecture, and maybe some training tasks occasionally. I would like to work in leading companies in the telecommunications sector, or in those which would need to improve the infrastructure they already have available, always trying to do my best to meet their needs.