Bachelor of Computer Science - 2013

  • Universidad Europea de Madrid - 2012/2013

  • Universidad Francisco de Vitoria - 2010/2012

I started studying Bachelor of Computer Science when I was 29 years old. I decided to continue studying at the Universty because, although I had spent many years working and learning every day, I felt that I needed to know the base layer of the things, I had restlessness to know what happened with every action I took in my work everyday. For example, I knew well how a router sends the packets to other routers on the network, but I was not able to know the process wich was performed within it, in hardware, to transform configurations and data paquets in binary code, proccess them and send them out to other routers on the network. I achieved my goal and I obtained my Bachelor, at great sacrifice, while working full time from Monday to Friday. Today, I'm considering making a Master's Degree in Telecommunications or Information Security. During the Bachelor, I have obtained several scholarships granted by the Comunity of Madrid (EMES) thanks to my good marks. Obtaining the degree was a challenge on a personal level, and to achieve that goal filled me with pride and satisfaction.

Management Information Systems Technician - 2001

  • I.E.S Palomeras-Vallecas - 1999/2001

I attended the Higher Level Training Programme in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčManagement Information Systems, which opened me the doors to the professional world and allowed me to learn more about the computer science world in general.

High School - Health Sciences - 1999

  • Instituto Montserrat - 1995-1999

I studied Bachelor of Health Sciences in technical branch, since I wanted to study any engineering or science careers.